efficient logistics

Pradius Nova - is a logistics operator that offers its Customers a range of warehouse logistics services.

Modern A Class Warehouse with total area of over 40 000 m2, allows us to serve pallets EUR (800 x 1200), FIN (1000 x 1200) standard, highing up to 2500 mm and weighing up to 1 200 kg. Warehouse racking system can be transformed depending on the load requirements. It will save your time on handling of goods and reduce storage costs.

Highly reliable and productive equipment produced by JUNGHEINRICH Company (Germany) provides careful and expeditious cargo handling. Warehouse is equipped with high-rise electric stackers (reach trucks) and electro loaders equipped with side grips (clamp) for the treatment of large cargoes arriving without pallets (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.).
Pick-and-place air locks equipped with special bridges that allow serving vehicles with any loading height and width of the truck. There are two freight ramps for low-floor transport.
The automatic heating control ensures the adjustment of temperature in different areas of the warehouse. Temperature inside the warehouse in winter is not below +16 ° C.

Warehouse operates 24 hours 7 days a week. The only day off is the 1st of January every year.
Thanks to the warehouse management system (WMS) warehouse working process is automated. Trade Flows Management takes place in real time. Acceptance of goods, placement, selection and shipment is made via wireless data collection terminals, with mandatory goods barcodes scanning.

Effective modern fire suppression system, CCTV, disciplined staff and voluntary liability insurance guarantee your cargo safety.

Three Data Processing Centers (DPC), two fiber-optic communication lines, own energy center and a backup connection to the power grid ensure warehouse IT systems uninterrupted operation.

Warehouse provides the following services: 

  • Pallet storage services (almost of any size, weighing up to 1 200 kg) 
  • Packaged and piece storage. 
  • Acceptance of goods received on pallets and in bulk. 
  • Pallet, boxed and piece selection. 
  • Marking (labeling), completing sets, repackaging. 
  • Full informational customer support. 
  • Assistance in data exchange between Client system and Pradius Nova accounting system.

CJSC Pradius Nova is licensed to keep alcohol, tobacco, inedible alcohol-containing products, inedible ethyl alcohol.

Authorized economic operator with its own parking for 240 eurotrucks, customs warehouse and temporary storage warehouse acts directly at the logistics center. Thus, a complex customer service is provided. After customs clearance, goods move to Pradius Nova warehouse.