efficient logistics

Thanks to the warehouse management system (WMS) warehouse workflow is automated. Management of trade flows takes place in real time. Acceptance of the goods, placement, selection and shipment is made via wireless data collection terminals, with mandatory barcode scanning.

Safety and reliability of Pradius Nova warehousing is provided by the following:

  • German quality racking construction BITO with load capacity of 3600 kg per line; 
  • High-performance and reliable handling machinery JUNGHEINRICH (Germany); 
  • Private security service, shipments control department and digital video surveillance system; 
  • Voluntary insurance; 
  • Effective modern fire extinguishing system.

Three Data Processing Centers (DPC), two fiber-optic communication lines, own energy center and a backup connection to the city mains ensure uninterrupted operation of the warehouse IT systems.

Order Pradius Nova storage services and you will be convinced of the responsible approach to the processes.