efficient logistics

  • Warehousing

    Effective solutions to your logistic tasks.

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  • Handling

    Efficiency and high quality of your cargo handling.

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  • Value Added Services

    Complex of warehousing services in Pradius Nova Center.

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  • Information support

    Reporting. Inventory. Automated Data Exchange.

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  • Safety and Reliability

    Your goods are in safe keeping!

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Carrying out racking storage of your goods, Pradius Nova offers you the most favorable conditions for cooperation and efficient solutions to your logistic tasks.


High quality and professional handling of your loads. Goods receipt. Acceptance of goods. Picking. Reverse logistics. Defective goods processing. Cross-docking.

Value Added

Pradius Nova specialists will label, pack or repack, form promotional sets or metro units.


Pradius Nova are open to provide information support, automated data exchange, reports and inventory.

Safety and

German quality of the equipment, security system, three Data Processing Centers, two fibre-optic communication lines, own energy center.