• Acceptance of goods
  • Unloading
  • Shipping
  • Packaging
  • Reverse logistics
  • Defective goods processing
  • Value Added Services
cargo handling
cargo handling
cargo handling
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Acceptance of goods

– Unloading of goods in pallets or in bulk;

– Acceptance by the number;

– Acceptance by the state of transport packaging;

– The formation of mono-pallets (one pallet – one name of product);

– Winding with stretch.

According to your needs Pradius Nova can provide inside the package goods check.


Pradius Nova Complex produces unloading of goods using self-propelled electric trolleys and electro loaders equipped with side grips (clamp).

In special cases, unloading along the side of the truck can be arranged.


Pradius Nova center produces shipping of goods in pallets and in bulk.

For the more effective process of shipment self-propelled electric trolleys and electro loaders equipped with side grips (clamp) are used.

If it is necessary, the shipment may be carried out by hand and in the returnable package.


Pradius Nova Resources allow packaging (selection) not only in pallets, but also in master boxes, pieces.

Reverse logistics

If you need to return the cargo back to the supplier, implementation period has expired or goods have been found to be defective, Pradius Nova specialists will render you reverse logistics services.

The decision to change the goods quality status from “New” to ” Ill-conditioned.” is made during the process of acceptance.

Defective goods processing

If your activity is associated with clients warranty service, Pradius Nova specialists will assist you with the implementation of the defective goods processing.

We both accept defective goods coming from your retailer and send it according to your applications to the service centers.

Moreover, we guarantee prompt delivery of the repaired product to your customers. That will save your time for transport and delivery organisation.

Value Added Services

If your cargo in addition to acceptance requires labeling, packaging or repackaging and the formation of promotional sets or metro units, our specialists using modern technology will provide the service in the Pradius Nova center.

Thus, you do not have to spend time and financial resources to find additional contractors.

For the convenience of invoicing, we are ready to provide you with the required office space.

Ж. В. Тожина Заместитель директора по финансовым вопросам 2020-07-02
Компания ИООО "КЕРХЕР” считает ООО «Прадиус Нова» надежным партнером, обладающим необходимым опытом, знаниями и ресурсами для оказания логистических услуг. Задачи по обработке и хранению грузов решаются на уровне высоких стандартов, качественно организован складской учет и управление товародвижением. Learn more

Advantages Pradius Nova

Top-5 advantage

  • 1 Dock door booking
  • 2 Efficient handling.
  • 3 Secure storage, insurance.
  • 4 Automated business-processes.
  • 5 Accessibility.

Pradius Nova in figures

Storage capacity
44000p. s.
Warehouse turnover