Responsible storage

  • Racking storage
  • Fine-meshed storage
  • Floor storage
Responsible storage
Responsible storage
Responsible storage
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Pradius Nova secure storage includes the following:

  • Acceptance and shipment at the precise moment, specified by the client
  • shipping paperwork
  • handling, including sorting and packing
  • Reverse logistics and defective goods processing
  • Order picking in the required timescale
  • Reporting

Racking storage. Pradius Nova Warehouse racking system presupposes Pallet storage of EUR (800mm x 1200mm), FIN (1000 mm x 1200 mm) and AMR (1200 mm x 1200 mm) standard, provided by special shelving units with width of 2700 mm, 3300 mm and 3600 mm. By storing goods on FIN type pallets in special sections you save up to 20% of storage costs.

Pradius Nova warehouse racking system can be transformed depending on the nature of the cargo (height up to 2500 mm).

Fine-meshed storage. We equipped the warehouse with the shelves and pushback racks. This enables us to provide fine mesh storage of goods in individual (commercial) package and in master cartons (in collective package).

Separate premise, high speed product selections, easy access and efficiency of loading and unloading operations will ensure safe storage and in time realization of supply chain.

Floor storage. Floor storage is perfect for storing oversized items: large appliances, building materials, industrial equipment.

Pradius Nova Warehouse provides the territory for the floor storage of your goods. If it is necessary, the cargo in floor storage area can be stockpiled. To provide convenience and reliability of handling we use high-rise electric stacker (reach truck) and electro loaders equipped with side grips (clamp).

Advantages Pradius Nova

Top-5 advantage

  • 1 Dock door booking
  • 2 Efficient handling.
  • 3 Secure storage, insurance.
  • 4 Automated business-processes.
  • 5 Accessibility.

Pradius Nova in figures

Storage capacity
44000p. s.
Warehouse turnover